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Hi there, Thanks for checking out the stadium sales section. You know, I have been doing this part of the business for over seven years, and every day every order is still exciting and special to me. So, you might be wondering, what makes our packs different from others people's products. The best answer I can say is the packs themselves. You see we use cards that others would not think of using. The hot rookies, the cards that come out of the real expensive card boxes, the older cards, to the newest cards we can get. Please understand I am not just a seller, but a collector myself, so every pack is made by me. Alway the the thought of "what if I was buying this pack" in my mind. Last baseball season we had nine teams sell over 2,000 packs for the season, and some basketball and football teams needing more packs then we can provide. So, if your team or team store is interested in making your team history and your teams current players a part of your inventory this is an item that has both. If your interested in making your counter top rock like it has not rocked in years, Please feel free to call me, Todd Nelkin, at 713 728-3111, or Fax to 713 723 6435 Take care Todd